Hedgehogs are Carnivores and a few other things that might surprise you


Hedgehogs are adorable animals, and they can make really sweet pets! Before you decide to take one on however, it might be good to know a few key things about them. 


Hedgehogs are carnivores! For the most part, you can feed them cat food to meet their nutritional needs, but many enjoy meal worms and bugs as snacks! 


Hedgehogs tiny little feet can actually carry them quite fast- most will run 10km in a night at 3.5 km per hour!  


Hedgehogs are more related to moles than porcupines. They cannot release their quills and have very poor eyes sight- but they make up for it with their incredible sense of smell! Hedgie can sense a worm over 3in into the dirt.


Although they are nocturnal, hedgehogs can enjoy being held and socialized- so love your little hog and learn to care for them too. 




Staff of the Month- Zac!

Thank you so much to our employee of the month- Zac! We are so lucky to have had his awesome animal handling skills on the Tiny Tails to You team for almost 2 years. Zac's favorite animal friend is the resilient Leopard gecko! Geckos are incredible! They can survive weeks without food because of the fat stored in their squishy tales. And to cover their tracks from predators they will eat their shedding! 🐊🌱 .